Planning and Entitlement

With a succinct scope defined, Heady Design works with you in planning your development by way of design work, conceptual drawings and meetings with you and the various oversight agencies. The planning work allows you to nail down how different decision makers and requirements impact the concept and functionality of your project.

How it works:

  • Conceptual site plans, floor plans, elevations, landscape and other drawings are created in CAD, reviewed with you and revised where necessary. This allows the team to land on a design that is appealing and marketable, with maximized flow and circulation indoors and out, with code compliance applied.
  • A Site Development Review package is assembled for distribution to agencies for initial review and comments on the project plan. The oversight agencies use these proposed plans to begin the vetting process within their discipline to get initial feedback and direction. Heady Design makes revisions and adjustments based on agency comments.
  • Pre-application meetings are facilitated whenever possible to understand the most expeditious way to move forward with obtaining necessary use permits and entitlements. Each jurisdiction has unique processes, and this work ensures we identify the path of least resistance.