Preliminary Site Investigation

When deciding on the scope of your project, it’s extremely important to gather and understand all the information that has an impact on your venture. Whether your idea is to develop vacant property or to remodel an existing building, or anything in between, the knowledge you attain from the Preliminary Site Investigation is invaluable. An understanding of what is existing and what your vision is determines what the project scope entails and what agency requirements need to be met. The level of effort and estimate of timing and costs ensure adequate preparation to make your project a success. The Preliminary Site Investigation work gives you enough information to make a good decision and to weigh your options. Typically, Heady Design performs these services prior to issuing a proposal for the full scope of the project, which allows us to provide accurate cost estimates with no surprises for you once the project is underway.

How it works:

  • We facilitate an initial consultation with you and your team to understand what your project goal is. Whether you have a clear vision of what you want, or just a vague idea, our team is seasoned in asking the right questions to gather your thoughts.
  • An initial site assessment is conducted to evaluate the existing establishment. An understanding of the physical features of the property, including structures, utilities, drive approaches, fuel tank fields, circulation, property lines, neighboring properties and the like are critical to the site investigation.
  • Internal research is conducted by the Heady Design team to understand the impact and requirements of the project scope. This exploration includes review of title reports, jurisdictional zoning and allowances, Conditional Use Permit requirements, potential for off-site improvement requirements, and the process and requirements that must be met by all agencies in scope for your project.
  • A written Preliminary Site Investigation Report is delivered to and reviewed with you. This report is utilized for well-informed discussions about project planning, timelines, estimated costs, and adjustments to project scope if necessary.